moonstone necklace

A moonstone necklace is an essential accessory in every crystal lover’s jewelery box. It is a stylish, elegant and ultimate feminine accessory that immediately attracts attention and sparkles beautifully in the light. At Le Veer you can easily and quickly order a necklace with moonstone and other unique gemstone jewelry online with which you can make every outfit even more special. Would you like to add a pinch of magic to your look? Discover our collection of gemstone jewelry!

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Strengthen your intuition with a mother-of-pearl moonstone necklace

A moonstone necklace from our range is enriched with a beautiful moonstone that is characterized by a white and gray color palette and a pearly glow. Moonstone has been seen for years as a powerful gemstone with special properties. For example, the gemstone is said to strengthen intuition, have a promoting effect on fertility and ensure better regulation of emotions. In addition to the alleged positive effects that the stone has on your physical and emotional well-being, a moonstone necklace is of course a dazzling, timeless accessory that you can perfectly wear with any piece of clothing. Add a pair of matching earrings and you create a priceless look.

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Would you like to order a beautiful moonstone (moonstone) necklace with other, matching gemstone jewelry? Or do you prefer a necklace with amethyst ? View our carefully curated collection, find your favorites and place your order immediately. We aim for a shipping time of one to two working days, so that you can enjoy your new purchase within a short period of time. If you have any questions or comments, simply contact us via the contact form .

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