The story of Le Veer begins in 2017 when Veerle van de Weijer is looking for that one unique necklace that makes every outfit sparkle. Finding what she was looking for was not easy, so she bought several beads at a bead shop on the corner. She laced up some beautiful jewelry, photographed them while on vacation in Kos and shared her pretty snaps on Instagram. It soon became apparent that the colorful gems not only made Veerle intensely happy. Le Veer was born.

Characteristic of Le Veer are the colorful handmade beaded jewelry with which you can vary endlessly. Each one is loved for their striking colours, playful designs, refined details and the famous feather that dangles elegantly from every item.

To keep up with the flow of requests, Veerle set aside her job as a radiotherapy lab technician in the hospital to build her brand full-time. Veerle: “I now buy large quantities of beads, scour exotic markets and travel the world to gain inspiration for my jewelry collection. Each collection has its own theme and special character.” Anno 2022 Le Veer is flying over the Dutch counters and is praised by big brands and influencers. Determined to conquer the rest of the world, Veerle works insanely hard to make her dream come true.